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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Friday, November 19, 2010

vlcd day 26


Yesterdays weight: 163
Todays weight: 162.8
Difference: -0.2
This Round Total: -18.4


Yesterdays weight: 162.8
Todays weight: ?
Difference: ?
This Round Total: -18.4

I wasnt home the last couple days so its been hard to get my weights :( but Ill be home tomorrow morning and I started taking hcg again today after TOM.  Only 3 more days before I start phase 3... I would really like to hit 160 and Im very close so I think I can do it!  I have to start working out hard again in P3 because I have to condition for my snowboarding trip in Dec.... do you all think I should intake more calories to make up for it, Im worried about losing if I dont.... any ideas or tips?


  1. Keep to P2 foods for the first few days but in bigger portions ... has helped me to stabilize. Add things in one at a time so you know what your body does with them. LOTS of water - keep pushing that. Exercise will be fine because your calories will be up, but listen to your body. You are having a great round!!

  2. I agree with Lis. Think you body will be able to more easily metabolize P2 food sin larger quantities and slowly add in new foods (more healthy protein/fats and veggies). You're doing great! :D