LilySlim Weight loss tickers

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Sunday, October 31, 2010

vlcd day 6 and 7


Yesterdays weight: 174.0
Todays weight: 172.4
Difference: 1.6
This Round Total: -9 


Yesterdays weight: 172.4
Todays weight: 171.2
Difference: 1.2
This Round Total: -10.2

yay! Im losing again!!

Well, I decided to combine the last two days on here because I had a horrible horrible day yesterday that I dont think had anything to do with this diet.  I was really emotional and just in a really foul mood all day and that made me get into a fight with my ex which of course made is 100X worse.  It was just a bad bad day but I didnt cheat! I had a little vodka water the other night and it didnt seem to slow anything but it wasnt much.  I even sat at the dinner table with my family and watched them eat amazing chinese food while I ate an apple.... I didnt even think I had that much self control.  I am so excited to wake up and weight its not even funny.  I cant believe I have lost 10 pounds in a week, I can already see the difference in my face and my waist.  I love this diet!

But I can tell you that chinese food is on my list of foods I cant wait to taste again... I can already tell this diet has taught me how to eat better but Im hoping it also teaches me to eat in moderation when Im not eating so healthly. Ever since the hunger "pangs" stopped, I dont even think about cheating or wanting to eat something outside the diet. 

So I figured I have enough hcg to last for the 40 but like I said earlier Im doing less for the trip to CO for snowboarding but today I calculated excactly when Im going to take my last shot... The 22 of Nov.  That way I can have a little more at thanksgiving.  Im nearvous about phase 3 because I know no sugars and carbs but some of the fruits and veggies have sugar, are they allowed... I need to read pounds and inches again before I get close.  

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

vlcd day 5


Yesterdays weight: 174.0
Todays weight: 174.0
Difference: 0.0
This Round Total: -7.4

Oh no! not cool.... Well I did eat onions yesterday and maybe my body doesnt do as well with onions, oh and I missed one of my fruits.  I am having a hard time wanting to get in those 500 cals.  I did have strawberries instead of apple too and I feel like I do better with apple too so tomorrow no onions but more apples haha.  So I was thinking Im going to do the 40 day which would put me in phase 4 after christmas but Im going to snowboarding on the 16th and I really need to be able to eat carbs and sugars for that trip, its a long drive with a bunch of people and we all use A LOT of energy on the mountain and I feel like it would be best it I did a 28ish day round and then I can do another round in January if I still need to loose.  I would hate to make it this far and gain when im in phase 3 in CO.  Also Im missing thanksgiving so It would make me happy to be able to eat Christmas with everyone.... in moderation of course!!! :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

vlcd day 4


Yesterdays weight: 175.2
Todays weight: 174.0
Difference: -1.2
This Round Total: -7.4

I am so excited to see be still losing more than a pound a day, although it appears to be slowing Im still really happy.  Yesterday and today were really stressful with school stuff.. Im trying to get all my studying in before halloween weekend! Speaking of that... I will be going out that night and I know I shouldnt but I will probably drink, Im thinking a sippin on a vodka water with lime wouldnt be the worst thing I could do.  I havent found anything in the protocol about alcohol :( 

So today I had steak and onions on the ol' forman grill for lunch and for dinner I had a chicken, spinach, lettuce, onion, cucumber, tomato salad with a little bit of vinegar, salt and pepper dressing... and I loved it! This diet has changed everything for me and its only been 4 days!  Im 21 years old and I can say (embarrassingly) that I have never tried most fruits and veggies.  I always thought I would hate them and my mom didnt serve them when I was young so I just thought I hated them... I cant believe that I can eat this stuff and like it! That is almost as exciting to me as losing the weight.... Oh and no headache today so that makes me happy too, So far Im just really pleased with this diet.

I do hate the stigma that does with hcg when it comes to friends and family but it has done so much for me already that I do not regret any of it.   Honestly, I dont think would have ever been into trying veggies before this but because the hcg made it so that when Im hungry, Im not famished and Im more likely to try new things....

Is been a good day :) hope you alls is too!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

vlcd day 3


Yesterdays weight: 177.2
Todays weight: 175.2
Difference: -2
This Round Total: -6.2

Im so tired today Im going to make this quick.  I had a really bad headache all day and I had a hard time eating... nothing sounded good, even when I was really hungry.  I didnt eat all my veggies, Im sure that will show up tomorrow.  Oh, well at least I didnt cheat because oh man did I want to

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

vlcd day 2


Yesterdays weight: 181.8 
Todays weight: 177.2
Difference: -4.6
This Round Total: -4.2

Today went well.  I wasnt hungry at all, I sat through class just fine (did have have to pee a lot though) but overall I am pleased with how things went today.  I ate the same thing today as I did yesterday but I can see that I am going ot have to look up some recipes because I dont want to get bored and cheat :/ I did go down 4lbs but Im thinking that was the loading weight... Im not sure how much will come off because 30 lbs on me is all very new, maybe because its not "at home" it will come off faster. Haha... a girl can hope, right?

Well I hope tomorrow morning is as exciting as today was! If anyone knows and good recipes send them my way :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 1 of vlcd


Yesterdays weight: 182
Todays weight: 181.8
Difference: -.2
This Round Total: +.4

Well, my loading days are over and I'm excited about that because now I get to see some changes.  I didnt gain much on my load days which scares me but I have done pretty well today.  I had tea for breakfast, chicken and celery for lunch, an apple for a snack and tomatoes and steak (lean) for dinner and I'm saving my apple for later when Im doing homework (thats when I get bored and want to eat). When I finish my apple tonight I will be at 490 cal for today.  I was hungry but not in a shakey, I need to eat kind of way but in an empty kind of way.  I figure that will go away when my stomach shrinks from 500 cal a day diet.

I am excited to get up in the morning and weight, how weird is that?!? Oh and I am worried about making it through classes tomorrow with out peeing my pants... I am SO not used to drinking 3 liters of water a day!  Hope I do good tomorrow, I will have to prepare my food and take it with me because I have classes from 10am to 8pm.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Loading days!

Well, I feel like these loading days are pretty counter-producvtive but I understand how important they are.  I'm not gaining much so Im afraid Im not eating enough, Ill do better today I think... Going to my moms for some home cookin, thats always made me gain before haha.  I start my VLCD tomorrow and Im so excited to get on with this diet but Im a little nervous about hunger pangs.  My kitchen is pretty bare anyway but Im going to throw out snacky food so Im not tempted.  Seems like I am going to be a bit of a shut in for a few weeks, Oh well, gives me time to get caught up in my school work.  Ironically enough, I met a girl the other day (friend of a friend) and she's on day 10 of her hcg diet.... we have been keeping tabs and encouraging each other so thats awesome!

So I will keep you guys posted on how my first vlcd goes tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Waiting...not so patiently

Alright... I got my HCG from in 12 days! They were so great, the customer service is amazing and they have 24 hour phone number as well as  live chat, never even had to be on hold.  I would recommend them to anyone.  The sad news is TOM (I hate that term btw) blessed me this morning and I really want to get started but Im going to wait a couple days... Im thinking saturday and sunday being my load days.  Any ideas on good fatty foods to stuff my face with?

Im going to be uploading before and after pictures but Ill wait til after :)

See you all sat!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

BrandNew and Some Back Story

Hey guys,
     So I am doing all kinds of "firsts" this month.  This is my first blog (which I'm pretty excited about) and Im starting my hgc/vlcd diet this month as well.  Point I'm trying to make is to bare with me :)

   Ok, so some back story.... I have never been a small person, as it stands I am 5'5 qand 180 (all time high).  Roughly the same time I hit puberty, my parents split and went through a horrible divorce and from what Im told, my weight started to increase but everyone was too caught up on their own issues to care and neither did I.  Once I got to high school I was "average" I considered myself to be the middle friend... I was not the fat friend but not the skinny one either.  When I went to college I actually lost about 5 pounds because I just didn't have time to eat and the food hall was only open certain hours (I should put a time lock on my refrigerator, just thought of invention, maybe) any who, I then moved back home to finish school and picked up smoking, stupid I know.  So I met a guy and decided to get on birth control.... bad mistake, that is when I started gaining.  I was so depressed form the hormones and trying (and failing) to quit smoking that i just did not care about my figure.  Two months later I had gained 25 pounds, then I successfully quit smoking and pushed it on up to 35, which is where i sit now.  I went off the BC about two months ago and now I just can not get the weight off. Went to the gym often and tried to eat right but I just couldn't seem to get the weight down.  My final straw was the day I noticed the stretch marks... I have a beautiful tattoo from my armpit to my hip bone (for my mother) and it had a stretch mark through on of the words, I almost cried.... thats a lie, I did cry, a lot.

     In comes the Hcg diet, a friend of mine has lost 85lbs in 10 months on this diet so I started researching.  I decided to go through with it and ordered my Hcg (through I haven't gotten it yet but its only been a couple weeks.  So far they have had incredible customer service and when my product gets here I intend to write a lovely review.

    Ok, my total goal is 135, I know its a big difference than what I was "normal" (145-150) but I always wanted to be in better shape so I figured "what the hell, why not be what Ive always wanted" Im going off the Siemmons diet but I am going to do a cleanse because that just sounds like something I should do anyway.  I will be updating daily once I start the injections but until then I just thought I would tell you all where Im coming from.  See ya soon!!!