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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Monday, November 29, 2010

Crazy Crazy!

O man its been a crazy couple weeks... I finished the hcg on schedule and Im on phase 3.
Thanks giving did a number on me, family and good home cookin is so hard to turn down! But I ended at 165 and Im at 166.6 today, but now that the holiday is past I can get right back on track.  On friday ill post my round1 before and after pics... How was everyones thanksgiving?

Friday, November 19, 2010

vlcd day 26


Yesterdays weight: 163
Todays weight: 162.8
Difference: -0.2
This Round Total: -18.4


Yesterdays weight: 162.8
Todays weight: ?
Difference: ?
This Round Total: -18.4

I wasnt home the last couple days so its been hard to get my weights :( but Ill be home tomorrow morning and I started taking hcg again today after TOM.  Only 3 more days before I start phase 3... I would really like to hit 160 and Im very close so I think I can do it!  I have to start working out hard again in P3 because I have to condition for my snowboarding trip in Dec.... do you all think I should intake more calories to make up for it, Im worried about losing if I dont.... any ideas or tips?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

vlcd day 24


Yesterdays weight: 166.2
Todays weight: 163
Difference: -3.2
This Round Total: -18.2

Wow that was unexpected! nothing exciting today, having a really hard time focusing lately.... 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

vlcd day 23


Yesterdays weight: 168
Todays weight: 166.2
Difference: -1.8
This Round Total: -15

Thank the Lord! I finally got past the TOM stall.  I didnt inject today and I wasnt hungry at ALL.  I had to force myself to eat but Im starting to see the loss in my clothes.  I was squeezing into my old jeans for so long and Im actually seeing some bagginess! Woohoo! Im going to put up round 1 pics next week when Im go into phase 3.... I have been really emotional these last couple weeks and really been struggling with some personal issues that have been giving this diet a run for its money...  But Ive only got a week left before phase 3 and Im really hoping to turn things around, emotionally.  

Monday, November 15, 2010

vlcd day 22


Yesterdays weight: ?
Todays weight: 168
Difference: ?
This Round Total: -14

Im sorry I disappeared for a couple days! went off protocol and a little off the deep end BUT I finally started my period so I cant wait to finish this and still have a couple days to loose a few more pounds before I stop my injections.  So after all this I am going to do one more round in Jan.  Im just going to do a 23 day so I dont have to deal with the period stalls.  Well glad to be back on track!  How are you guys doing?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

vlcd day 18


Yesterdays weight: 167.2
Todays weight: 167.2
Difference: -.00
This Round Total: -14

Gah, stuck again... I really need to get on with my period because its starting to make me frustrated.  Im hoping I will start loosing again when I get past it, does it fall off? Im thinking im going to wake up next week with large losses! The power of positive thinking!

Have a good days guys :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

vlcd day 17


Yesterdays weight: 167.8
Todays weight: 167.2
Difference: -.06
This Round Total: -14

Im right where I was when I cheated... My period plus cheating was just a bad combination but I feel really good today so I feel like I will have a loss tomorrow.  I should finally start my period tomorrow but this hcg might make that change or delay or whatever... as long as Im still loosing, i dont care! haha 

Im going to see some family this weekend and Im really excited.... gunna have to try to stay on protocol outside of my own kitchen so wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

vlcd day 16


Yesterdays weight: 168.8
Todays weight: 167.8
Difference: -1
This Round Total: -13.4

Ok, so I was really frustrated because I am STILL not below my cheat weight (it was only 1 day!) but Im starting to think it also has to do with my period so Im hoping I start tomorrow so I can get past it and lose a few more before this round is over... I will have 11 days of left after my period if I start tomorrow and that is plenty of time to lose 10 more lbs! I think this whole thing has taught me that a cheat is NOT worth it and to try harder to fight the urges!

Still need advice on thanksgiving....

Monday, November 8, 2010

vlcd day 15


Yesterdays weight: 170.8
Todays weight: 168.8
Difference: -2
This Round Total: -12.4

Oh jeez... Still haven't made up for that cheat.  I get it, lessons learned haha.  Im creepin up on my period and I really wanted to have lost at least 15 by the time it got here, I still have a few days so maybe Ill still make it (fingers corssed)  I did the apple day yesterday and I did a modified apple day today (had a little beef for lunch) really hoping to be back on track tomorrow.  So I did some measuring and so far Ive lost 11 inches which is exciting to me.  Im kinda getting nervous about thanksgiving coming up.  Any advice on how to handle it? Do you guys make your own little meal to eat with family or how do you all handle it?

Have a great day!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

vlcd day 14


Yesterdays weight: 167.2
Todays weight: 170.6
Difference: +3.4
This Round Total: -10.6

crap.... oh well, live and learn.  I drank crown and coke last night too because I was sad :( Ok so Im doing an apple day today and its going pretty good.  Ill let you all know how it went tomorrow. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

vlcd day 13


Yesterdays weight: 167.2
Todays weight: 167.2
Difference: 0.0
This Round Total: -14.2

Oh now Im frustrated.... 3 days with no loss, I knew there would be a plateau but I was secretly hoping it wouldnt happen to me.  Oh and did I mention I cheated BIG TIME today... Im so disappointed in myself.... I went to Fridays with my mom and sister in law (1st mistake) then I ordered the italian salad knowing it wouldnt be protocol but thinking it wouldnt be too bad (2nd mistake) It came with a breadstick (3rd mistake) and then when I thought it wouldnt get worse I ate the left over chicken and BREADED shrimp from my moms plate..... self control out the window this morning.  I feel awful, bloaty, at little like I want to throw up, my body is not used to these things... 

So besides the total screw up today I was planning an apple day tomorrow anyway but now its affirmative plus Im going to start my period next week and I kinda want to head that off with an apple day.  I read the protocol but when exactly do I stop taking the hcg and when exactly to I start again when it comes to my period? 

Friday, November 5, 2010

vlcd day 12


Yesterdays weight: 167.2
Todays weight: 167.2
Difference: 0.0
This Round Total: -14.2

Its so weird that I can just feel when Im not going to loose... Well Im still at a 1lbish average which ok with me, Ive got 17 more days on this cycle so if I can loss 30 for this round I will be so happy.  But I did already decide Im going to do another round in jan.  Ill be going through clinicals for nursing so it might be hard to do but I really want to reach that 135 goal! 

I had a rough day today but I finally found grissini and melba toast at the store so I had the best chili with grissini crumbled on top... its was so good.  Oh and I started my yoga again today, hoping that will kick start bigger losses! 

Anyone do any workouts other than low cardio and see responses, I read reviews of both things. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

vlcd day 11


Yesterdays weight: 168.8
Todays weight: 167.2
Difference: -1.6 
This Round Total: -14.2

Wow, Im loving these losses.  I am afraid I made a mistake today, had a good lunch (salad with chicken) but I was at a friends for dinner and she had chicken because she knows I can eat that... shes a sweetheart but I didnt know she had put butter on it :( So if I dont have a loss tomorrow its because of the butter on that chicken.  I wasnt very hungry today though so I didnt have any fruit... am I the only one that keeps forgetting to eat???  As far as my stressors, I decided this morning to cut my ex out of my life allll together.  Complete disconnect.  It was easy and Im hoping he doesnt care. Im so proud of myself for making all these good choices lately.... I guess it makes up for all the horrible choices Im made in the past :)  This was a rough year but I am really happy that Im taking the initiative  to turn it around, especially for the holidays!!! 

Looking forward to a brighter future!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

vlcd day 10


Yesterdays weight: 170.8
Todays weight: 168.8
Difference: -2.0 
This Round Total: -12.6

WHOHOO! Thats exciting.... See I had a feeling last night that I was going to have a good loss today!  I am kinda sad though because the weight loss as finally taken its toll on my chest :( I knew is was coming because I am naturally small chested which was the best part about being over weight haha.  Oh well, I knew they wouldnt last. If I can just get the rest of me down then I will look more proportionate.  

Today was a good day, I stayed home alllll day and cleaned.  My apartment really needed some deep cleaning so I got a lot done.  Well I hope you all have a good day!


Quick post... Does any one else have weird dreams on this diet?!?!?!

Ive always been one to dream weird but almost EVERY NIGHT I am having a dream where I cheat.... I talking eating everything I can see in the dream, all my fav foods that I used to binge on.  Is that Normal? I mean I wake up feeling like I cheated until I wake all the way up and then I realize it was just a dream.  Am I just living vicariously through my dreams haha?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

vlcd day 9


Yesterdays weight: 171.4
Todays weight: 170.8
Difference: -.6
This Round Total: -10.6

Well any lose is a good lose in my book.  Im starting to notice my collar bones again, I love it.  SO today I had a salad with vinegar, salt and pepper dressing and it was sooo good.  Oh and I drank more then 3 liters of water... Im hoping for a big lose in the morning :) I got through that awful test this morning and I only got 3 hours of sleep last night so I am very excited to just relax tonight.  Still having issues with my ex, men.... guh.  But I against all odds (im an emotional eater) I have not cheated.  My mom is so supportive with me on this and sometimes when the urge is strong I will call her and she will talk me out of it haha, my mom is the greatest!

Well, Im off to a good book in some cozzy covers :) 
Have a good day!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

vlcd day 8


Yesterdays weight: 171.2
Todays weight: 171.4
Difference: +.2
This Round Total: -10.0

OH NO!!! I didnt cheat at all, Im sad.... I think my real problem is getting the calories in.  I am so unmotivated to eat Im def not getting all 500 calories in :(

 I was not happy today and really really wanted some pizza, almost ordered some and then I put my foot down and said no no no... I had chicken and a tiny bit of celery and then steak and a few onions but no fruit (which I love!) and not nearly enough water... Im going to try and get a lot more in before bed.  I have a huge test tomorrow and Im totally stressed about.  I think I might be ovulating, does that make a difference in the loosing? 

oh, I want this to hurry up, Im getting so bored... Im also procrastinating studying and I get the munchies real bad when I am avoiding doing something... its only monday and I already feel like its going to be a rough week.... 

Hopping tomorrow goes well! If not Im doing an apple day wednesday to get things rolling again.  Until then!